Continuous temperature monitoring for early detection of potential fever spikes

Early Detection Tool to Enable Health and Safety Intervention and Mitigate Business Interruption in a Post-COVID-19 World

TempTrace Helps Mitigate Impacts to Business Continuity

  • Businesses and organizations around the world are ill-equipped to deal with a localized or global disease outbreak from a business continuity perspective.
  • Mitigation efforts are often too late or too reactive, which increases the likelihood for business interruption.
  • Simply shutting down is difficult or impossible for essential businesses (warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.) because they are vital for supply chain.
  • Businesses that must operate need a cost-efficient system to help detect and monitor symptoms earlier to limit the spread of disease and mitigate business continuity issues.
  • TempTrace helps with early detection of fever spikes in a cost-effective manner, which can help organizations implement health and safety measures earlier, resulting in reduced interruption to business operations.


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TempTrace armbands are issued to individual users. Each armband has a unique ID, which then transmits indicative body temperature data using bluetooth in real time. TempTrace armbands can transmit data continuously for up to 6 months on a single charge.

The TempTrace IoT Gateway securely collects real time data from each nearby armband and transmits relevant information to the Leptas Cloud Platform.

The TempTrace App can be used when
individuals are at home or not near an TempTrace IoT Gateway. The App transmits temperature and location data securely to the Leptas Cloud Platform.

All data syncs to Leptas cloud platform. This makes future integrations with IT infrastructure employers, healthcare systems, and other organizations easier.

The TempTrace Dashboard lets organizations monitor temperatures across the workforce, helping to identify temperature spikes individually and in clusters quicker, which leads to earlier efforts to (i) detect, (ii) mitigate, and (iii) intervene. This can mean a reduced chance of infectious disease spread and mitigation of business interruption.

TempTrace Promotes Earlier Detection, Intervention

  • TempTrace means workplace safety is more proactive. HSE and compliance officers add a vital tool to help contain the spread of infectious disease.
  • In the event of an outbreak, HSE and compliance officers can quickly track and monitor fever spikes (a strong indicator of infection) using TempTrace across the organization.
  • TempTrace IoT Gateways also record and store historical information on contact traces within a facility.
  • TempTrace is also a cost-effective proactive preventative measure that can be stockpiled ahead of a future outbreak.
  • Businesses can use early detection to intervene quicker and implement precautionary measures (e.g. isolation of affected individuals, disinfecting, tracing of potential spread, etc.)

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Similar to other early intervention and mitigation health and safety tools, TempTrack armbands are a cost-efficient way to track and monitor fever spikes earlier throughout the workforce, making them an easy and effective tool to implement in the event of a suspected localized outbreak or wider pandemic. This leads to a higher likelihood of (i) earlier medical intervention for individuals, (ii) containment of disease spread, and (iii) business continuity throughout the period of the outbreak.

AI Tools Assist Future Business Preparedness

  • TempTrace records, monitors, and stores temperatures and locations for large groups of people on a continuous basis.
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) tools applied to aggregated data, TempTrace studies and analyzes past trends, which can help improve existing processes and future preparedness.
  • AI can also result in earlier intervention at the individual level, and, with respect to business continuity, earlier implementation of health and safety measures.
  • TempTrace also offers API access, enabling users to integrate into existing workflow tools.
  • Using the TempTrace App, employees can be monitored at home, and, if they develop a fever, businesses can take appropriate proactive preventative measures.